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State of the
Art Facilities

Our gym is thoughtfully designed to provide a cutting-edge fitness experience.


We have invested in top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that you have access to the tools you need to reach your goals.


From state-of-the-art cardio machines to strength training equipment and resistance machines, we have all areas covered for you.


Complimented with functional training and stretching areas along with dedicated spaces for group classes, we have carefully curated our facilities to meet the diverse needs and interests of our members.

Midleton Fitness Bike
Midleton Fitness Weights Area  Black & White
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resistance  training

For those looking to build strength, increase muscle and improve overall body composition, our dedicated resistance training area is the ideal space.

Equipped with a large variety of machines, dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, our facility offers a designated training area for you. 

functional   training

If your looking to improve balance, agility, core strength or athletic performance, our training areas provide tools and space. 

Our gym is equipped with suspension trainers, medicine balls, battle ropes, agility ladders and more for varied and dynamic workouts. 

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We understand the importance cardiovascular exercise for improving endurance, burning calories and maintaining a healthy heart. 

Our dedicated cardio zone featuring cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, stair-masters and more is designed to provide you with an invigorating workout experience. 


We have a dedicated stretching area and believe incorporating this area is essential for your overall health, injury prevention and optimising your workouts. 


This space is ideal to focus on improving your flexibility, mobility and recovery. 

Midleton Fitness Equipment
Midleton Fitness Barbells
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