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Personal Training

Sometimes we need a little help. A gentle push to get us started and to motivate us to achieve our dreams.

Personal Training here at Midleton Fitness Gym can provide you with everything you need to start and then continue your fitness journey.

There is nothing like one-to-one dedicated attention to get you over that line. So whether your goal is to run a marathon, grow muscle and gain definition, or maybe just to work off those weekend sweet treats, we have the personal trainer for you.


One on One Personal Training

All Packages are 6 week blocks with 30 minute sessions

1 Session per week - € 120 

2 Session per week - € 210 

3 Session per week - € 300 


What's Included

  • One on One training

  • trainer support & advice

  • Body measurements

  • Health evaluation

Buddy Personal Training

Workout with your friend

  • 6 Week package

  • 2 sessions weekly    

  •  45 minute session

€ 350

What's Included

  • Bi-weekly check ins

  • trainer support & advice

  • Body measurements

  • Health evaluation

Meet our Trainers

Talk about your goal with a Professional

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